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3-manifolds3-manifolds in 6-space
4-manifolds: 1-connected4-manifolds in 7-space5-manifolds: 1-connected
5-manifolds with fundamental group of order 26-manifolds: 1-connected6-manifolds: 2-connected
Algebraic mapping coneAlgebraic surgery X (Ex)Almost framed bordism (Ex)
Aspherical manifolds
Atiyah Conjecture and finite groups (Ex)Atoroidal 3-manifolds (Ex)Axiomatization of the manifold concept
B-BordismBetti numbers of 3-manifolds (Ex)Blanchfield form
Bonn THDM 2013: BackgroundBonn THDM 2013: ExercisesBonn THDM 2013: Program
Bonn THDM 2013: ScheduleBordism
Borel Conjecture for compact aspherical 4-manifoldsBorel Conjecture for the 2-torus (Ex)Borel conjecture in dimensions 1 and 2 (Ex)
Bott periodicity and exotic spheres: some commentsBoundaries of Fuchsian groups (Ex)Boundaries of symmetric complexes (Ex)
Brouwer degree, domination of manifolds and groups presentable by productsBundle structures and lifting problems (Ex)Canonical connection
Cell attachments for surgery (Ex)Chain duality III (Ex)Chain duality II (Ex)
Chain duality IV (Ex)Chain duality I (Ex)Chain duality VII (Ex)
Chain duality VI (Ex)Chain duality V (Ex)Characteristic rank of a real vector bundle
Chiral manifoldCircle actions on 3-manifolds (Ex)
Classifying Poincaré complexes via fundamental triplesClassifying spaces for families of subgroups
Classifying spaces for proper group actions (Ex)Closed manifolds are closed ANR-homology manifolds (Ex)Complete intersections
Complex bordismComputation of certain L-groups II (Ex)Computation of certain L-groups I (Ex)
Concordance implies isotopy for smooth structures on 3-manifolds?Connected sumConnected sum of topological manifolds (Ex)
Connection on a principal bundleConnectionsContact manifold
Covariant derivativeCubical simplicial volume of surfacesCurvature identities
Curvature properties of exotic spheresCurvature tensor and second derivativeDegree one normal maps to the 3-sphere (Ex)
Dehn surgery (Ex)Does the existence of a string structure depend on a spin structure ? (and a generalization)Dold manifold
Double suspension (Ex)Dual Thurston polytope of the 3-torus (Ex)Dynamics of foliations
E8-form (Ex)Elementary invariants of Heegaard diagrams (Ex)Elementary matricies (Ex)
EmbeddingEmbedding (simple definition)Embedding homology 3-spheres in the 4-sphere
Embeddings in Euclidean space: an introduction to their classificationEmbeddings in Euclidean space: plan and convention
Embeddings just below the stable range: classification
Equivariant homology (Ex)Equivariant intersection number of π-trivial immersionsEquivariant maps (Ex)
Euler characteristic as surgery obstruction (Ex)Even dimensional surgery obstruction (Ex)Exotic spheres
Exotic spheres and chirality (Ex)Extending functors on the category of manifolds and submersionsExtensions of groups (Ex)
Fake complex projective spacesFake lens spaces
Fake projective spaces in dim 6 (Ex)Fake real projective spacesFarrell-Jones Conjecture for finite groups (Ex)
Fibre homotopy trivial bundles (Ex)Finitely dominated CW complexes (Ex)Foliation
FoliationsFormal group laws and generaFormations and chain complexes I
Formations and chain complexes II (Ex)Formations and chain complexes I (Ex)Forms and chain complexes II (Ex)
Forms and chain complexes I (Ex)Framed bordismFreedman's classification and the Q-form hypothesis (Ex)
Fundamental classFundamental groups of 3-dimensional spherical space formsFundamental groups of surfaces (Ex)
GKM manifoldGenerator sets and the kernel formation (Ex)
Geometric 3-manifoldsGluck constructionGrassmann manifolds
Group actions on Euclidean spacesGroup actions on disksGroup actions on spheres
Handlebody decompositions of bordisms (Ex)
Heegaard splittings (Ex)High codimension links
Hilbert manifoldHirsch-Smale theoryHirzebruch surfaces
Homeomorphisms of balls
Homology braid II (Ex)Homology braid I (Ex)Homotopy spheres III (Ex)
Homotopy spheres II (Ex)Homotopy spheres IV (Ex)Homotopy spheres I (Ex)
Hyperbolic 3-manifoldsHyperbolic SurfacesIdempotents in group rings (Ex)
Immersing n-spheres in 2n-space (Ex)ImmersionImpressum
Inertia group II (Ex)Inertia group I (Ex)Integral homology 3-spheres embed (Ex)
Integral homology 3-spheres embed in the 4-sphere (Ex)Intersection formIntersection forms (Ex)
Intersection number of immersionsIsotopyK-group, all (Ex)
K-group, first (Ex)K-group, zeroth (Ex)K-group, zeroth II (Ex)
K-groups of oriented surface groups (Ex)K-invariant for G/PL (Ex)KO-Characteristic classes
Kappa classes (Ex)Kernel formation (Ex)
Kervaire-Milnor Braid (Ex)Knots, i.e. embeddings of spheresKnotted tori
Kreck2018L2-Betti numbers for the universal covering of the circle (Ex)Laitinen conjecture
Legal NoticeLens spaces
Lens spaces in dimension three: a historyLevi-Civita connectionLie groups I: Definition and examples
Linking formLinks of singular points of complex hypersurfacesMATRIX 2019 Interactions: Exercises
MATRIX 2019 Interactions: QuestionsMain Page
Manifolds cross a circle (Ex)Manifolds with singularitiesMicrobundle
Microbundles (Ex)Middle-dimensional surgery kernel (Ex)Milnor Hypersurfaces
Minimal dimension of BG (Ex)Module:StringNon-orientable quotients of the product of two 2-spheres by Z/4Z
Non-prime solvable fundamental groups (Ex)Non-reducible Spivak Normal Fibrations (Ex)Normal 1-types of 4-manifolds (Ex)
Normal and tangential structures (Ex)Normal bordism - definitions (Ex)Normal bundles in products of spheres (Ex)
Normal invariants and G/O (Ex)Normal invariants of products (Ex)Normal maps - (non)-examples (Ex)
Normal maps and submanifolds (Ex)Novikov ConjectureNovikov additivity II (Ex)
Novikov additivity I (Ex)Oberwolfach Surgery Seminar 2012: DiscussionOberwolfach Surgery Seminar 2012: Exercises
Oberwolfach Surgery Seminar 2012: General informationOberwolfach Surgery Seminar 2012: GlossaryObstruction classes and Pontrjagin classes (Ex)
One fixed point actions on spheresOpen book
Orbifold (Wikipedia)Orientation characterOrientation covering
Orientation of Fredholm maps between Hilbert manifoldsOrientation of manifoldsOrientation of manifolds in generalized cohomology theories
Oriented bordismOriented coverParametric connected sum
Petrie conjecturePin structuresPlans for the Atlas
PlumbingPlumbing (Ex)Poincaré's conjecture
Poincaré's cube manifoldsPoincaré's homology spherePoincaré Duality Spaces
Poincaré duality (Ex)Poincaré duality III (Ex)Poincaré duality II (Ex)
Poincaré duality IV (Ex)Polytope invariant of a manifold
Presentations (Ex)Prime decomposition theorem in high dimensionsPrincipal bundle of smooth manifolds
Product rigidity (Ex)Products of ANR-homology manifolds (Ex)Projective plane: a history
Pseudoholomorphic curvesQuadratic formations (Ex)Quadratic forms I (Ex)
Quadratic forms for surgeryQuestions about surgery theoryQuillen plus construction (Ex)
Reducible Poincaré Complexes (Ex)Regensburg Surgery Blockseminar 2012: Exercises
Regensburg Surgery Blockseminar 2012: General informationRegensburg Surgery Blockseminar 2012: ProgramRegular homotopy group of immersions (Ex)
Reidemeister torsion (Ex)Representing homology classes by embedded 2-spheres (Ex)Rho-invariant
S-duality III (Ex)S-duality II (Ex)S-duality I (Ex)
SandboxSelected publications in manifold theorySelf-maps of simply connected manifolds
Simple closed curves in surfaces (Ex)Simplicial volumeSmash product (Ex)
Smoothing the Kervaire manifold (Ex)Smoothings of products (Ex)Space forms: a history
Sphere bundles and spin (Ex)Spin bordismSpivak normal fibration (Ex)
Splitting invariants (Ex)Stability of the E8-form (Ex)Stability of vector bundles (Ex)
Stable classification of 4-manifoldsStable classification of manifoldsSteenrod problem
Stiefel-Whitney characteristic classesStratifold (Wikipedia)String bordism
Structure set (Ex)Structured chain complexes (Ex)Structured chain complexes III (Ex)
Structured chain complexes II (Ex)Structured chain complexes IV (Ex)Structured chain complexes V
Structured chain complexes V (Ex)Structures on M x I (Ex)Super manifolds: an incomplete survey
Supplement III (Ex)Supplement II (Ex)Supplement I (Ex)
Surface groups as subgroups of hyperbolic groups (Ex)
Surgery exact sequence, PL sphere (Ex)Surgery obstruction, Arf-invariant (Ex)Surgery obstruction, signature (Ex)
Surgery obstruction groupsSurgery obstruction map I (Ex)Surgery resources
Suspension of a symmetric complex (Ex)Symplectic manifoldsTangent bundles of bundles (Ex)
Tangential homotopy equivalences (Ex)TensorTensor derivative
ThickeningsThom spaces (Ex)
Three dimensional Heisenberg group (Ex)Thurston norm and the dual Thurston polytope (Ex)Topological structures on products of spheres (Ex)
Torsion-free solvable hyperbolic groups (Ex)Torsion in the B-bordism group for connective covers of BOTorsion tensor
Totally geodesic submanifoldTrisection genusUniqueness of contractible coboundary (Ex)
Unoriented bordismVolume of a closed hyperbolic 3-manifold (Ex)
Wall realisation (Ex)Website InformationWhitehead torsion (Ex)
Whitehead torsion III (Ex)Whitehead torsion II (Ex)Whitehead torsion IV (Ex)
Whitehead torsion V (Ex)Wu classΠ-trivial map
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