Bonn THDM 2013: Background

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The prerequisites for the Summer School are knowledge of the basics of differential and algebraic topology, meaning: manifolds, Poincaré duality, group rings, bundles and principle bundles, cobordism, transversality, homotopy groups and generalized (co)homology theories.

Participants should be familiar with the concepts and ideas covered in the first 7 chapters of the book [Ranicki2002] and the first six chapters of the book [Husemoller1994]. In addition participants should be familiar with the basics of spectra in stable homotopy theory. A good reference here is [Hatcher2002, Section 4.F].

The main references for the material covered in the seminar are [Lück2001], [Crowley2010], [Kühl&Macko&Mole2011], [Lück&Reich2005], [Bartels&Lück&Reich2008], [Bartels&Lück2012].

There is also a reading guide for surgery theory for topological manifolds available at the discussion page of the TSO-at-MFO 2012

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