Poincaré Duality Spaces

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1 Introduction

2 Definition

A Poincaré pair of dimension d consists of a finitely dominated CW pair (X,\partial X) for which there exists
\displaystyle (\mathcal{L},[X])
in which
  • \mathcal{L} is a bundle of local coefficients on X which is free abelian of rank one, and
  • [X] \in H_d(X,\partial X;\mathcal {L}) is a class such that
\displaystyle  \cap [X] : H^*(X;\mathcal{B}) \to H_{d-*}(X,\partial X;\mathcal{B} \otimes \mathcal{L})


\displaystyle  \cap [X] : H^*(X,\partial X;\mathcal{B}) \to H_{d-*}(X;\mathcal{B} \otimes \mathcal{L})

are isomorphisms.

Here, \mathcal B is allowed to range over all local coefficient bundles on X, but in fact it is sufficient to check the condition when \mathcal{B} is the local coefficient bundle over X associated with \Bbb Z[\pi], where \pi is the fundamental groupoid of X.

3 Notes

  • If \partial X = \emptyset, one says that X is a Poincaré duality space. (In view of this, perhaps better terminology would be to call (X,\partial X) a Poincaré duality space with boundary.)
  • \mathcal L is called an orientation sheaf and [X] is called a fundamental class. The pair (\mathcal L,[X]) is unique up to unique isomorphism.
  • If (X,\partial X) with respect to (\mathcal{L},[X]) a Poincar\'e pair of dimension d, then \partial X is a Poincaré space of dimension d-1 with respect to (\mathcal {L}_{|\partial X},\partial [X]), where \partial: H_d(X;\mathcal{L}) \to H_{d-1}(\partial X;\mathcal{L}_{|\partial X}) is the boundary homomorphism.
  • A finite CW complex X admits the structure of a Poincaré duality space of dimension n if and only if there exists a framed compact smooth manifold M of dimension m \ge n+3 such M is homotopy equivalent to X and the inclusion \partial M \subset M has homotopy fiber homotopy equivalent to S^{m-n-1}.

4 Example

A compact (smooth, PL, TOP or homology) manifold (X,\partial X) of dimension d is a Poincaré duality pair of dimension d, where \mathcal L is the orientation sheaf of X and [X] is the manifold fundamental class.

5 References

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