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This page records interesting events in the history of the Atlas as well as its current phase of development.

1 Forming the Editorial Board - September and October 2009

In September and October 2009 the Manifold Atlas is forming it's editorial board. Prospective editors are invited to register in the Atlas, to browse its current pages and to begin using it: in particular by writing and discussing the first articles of the Atlas. Prospective editors may also wish to:

Prospective editors may of course wish to remain as Manifold Atlas users even if they would not like to take on the responsibilities of being an editor.

2 First steps: idea and the platform - March to September 2009

From March 2009 until September 2009, Matthias Kreck, Daniel Müllner, Christian Ausoni and Diarmuid Crowley began the process of creating the Atlas. A conceptual challenge which arose was how to combine the flexibility and openness of the world wide web and a Wikipedia style of knowledge creation with the desire to have scientifically reliable and citable information. The solution was two fold: to have both open-editing and author-based options for page creation and development and to have citable, editorially approved versions of pages which are statically preserved for reference as well as the usual evolving pages in the Wikipedia style.

As of writing the hope is that the above concepts will combine the best aspects of flexibility and openness with scientific reliablity.

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