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It's great that you are thinking of registering with the Manifold Atlas! First some important information.

1 Your username

Your Atlas user name must clearly identify you (this is different from, say, Wikipedia) by including your full family name:

  • The preferred and default user name is simply your full name, e.g. “Ada Lovelace".
  • If you prefer, use just your family name with or without first initials.
  • User names that do not include your full family name will be frozen.

2 Email confirmation

  • In order to register you need to provide us with a valid email address.
  • The Wiki system will then send an email to that address containing a link.
  • Please click on the link and then you will be able to write in the Manifold Atlas.

3 Register

Please register here to join the Manifold Atlas community.

4 Who's registered?

See the list of all users.

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