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This page orients new authors to essential information about writing.

The Manifold Atlas is an open resource: its content is released into the public domain and freely available on the world wide web under the same copyright rules as Wikipedia, the GNU Free Documentation License 1.3.


1 Getting started quickly

Decide whether to write the page on your own, in a small group or in the open: read about this on the page Editing protocols.

Browse the page Instructions for writing to learn about the scientific aspects of writing in the Atlas.

Visit a sample page and click the edit box at the top of the page,

  • you arrive at the edit page of the article and can see the Wiki syntax at work,
  • click the back button to leave the page without altering it.

Begin your page: it comes with a short template containing some simple instructions.

If you already have a TeX file whose content you would like to put on the Atlas read about Converting TeX files.

2 General information

3 Your user page

We ask each registered user to create a user page.

  • Having logged in, simply click the red link with your user name at the top of page.
  • At a minimum your user page should contain some current contact information:
    • For example a current email address or work address or a link to your homepage.

Here is an example of generic user-page: Matthias Kreck. These pages run as follows:

  • ``This is the user-page of your name. For more information please see my [URL homepage].ยดยด

In some cases the administrators will create a generic user-page for a new user which can then be edited if desired.

4 Your preferences

Your preferences control the way the Atlas appears and operates for you.

You can view and adjust them by clicking my preferences at the top of the page.

Make sure you are logged in

If you have queries or questions, you may email the administrators.

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