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This page describes the different editing possibilities for pages in the Atlas.

1 Open-editing pages

  • Open-editing pages can be edited by any registered user.
  • Open-editing pages offer the possibility of massively parallel collaboration for recording, organising and developing information about manifolds.
  • Open editing-pages require scientific co-operation and team-work a la Wikipedia.
  • You should feel free to:
    • edit typos,
    • fix mistakes,
    • add hyerlinks,
    • add new sections and subsections,
    • improve presentation and organistaion (but think carefully here).
  • Please think carefully before making significant changes to existing text.
  • When in doubt about a prospective edit use the discussion page or email the other active users on the page.
    • If there there is no response after a couple of days, proceed with your planned edit.
  • After making changes, especially major changes, it is helpful to leave a remark on the discussion page explaining or describing your edit.

2 Restricted-editing pages

  • Restricted-editing pages can be edited only by a single author or team of authors:
  • Restricted-editing pages offer the possibility for an expert or team of experts to develop information about manifolds in public and over the web.
  • Apart from having edit rights restricted, restricted-editing pages are open to development, editorial review and discussion just as an open-editing page.
  • All Atlast users can write on the discussion pages of restricted-editing pages and provide feed-back, questions or suggestions.
  • A new author can be added to an restritced-editing page at any time if all the current authors agree to it.
  • If all authors agree, a restricted-editing page can be released to become an open-editing page at any time.
    • However this is, in general, an irreversible process.
  • The author template appears at the top of each restricted-editing page making the responsible users immediately visible.
  • The Atlas convention is to list author names alphabetically.
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