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This page describes the evolution of an Atlas page from a technical point of view

You may also wish to read about page development from an author's point of view.

1 Overview

The pages of the Atlas provide a communal work space where knowledge about manifolds can be summarised, organised and created.

Atlas pages are not strongly scientifically citable but of course they can be cited in the way that authors will cite, for example, personal correspondence: see the subsection revision number below.

The aim with each Atlas page is that is develops to a high quality and is ready to refereed: in this case we say that a page is mature.

Note that there are at least two paths to maturity: pages on the Atlas can either develop to maturity or be submitted directly.

Note also that pages may have a single author, they may have several authors or they may perhaps be the work of a large group of Atlas users:

2 Refereeing and publication

Once a page is mature it will be refereed refereed and hopefully approved:

Successfully refereed Atlas pages will be published in the Bulletin of the Manifold Atlas.

Pages which have been published in the Bulletin bear the blue approval message:

  • This message links both the the Bulletin article for the page and to the changes made to the page since it was published in the Bulletin.

Pages which have been published and which develop to maturity again via the addition of new information can be refereed and published again in the Bulletin as the 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc edition of the original Bulletin article.

3 Revision history

The revision history of a page can be viewed by clicking the link history at the top of the page.

Each revision of a page has a specific URL which can be used to refer to that specific revision:

  • you may find this URL by navigating to the revision of interest via the history page and then looking at the address in your web-brower's address window.

Note also that the history page allows you to choose any two revisions of a page and then view the differences between the two pages.

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