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This page gives information relating to technical difficulties on the Atlas:

We are doing our best to provide an efficient interface and we appreciate your patience and assistance.

One place to start is technical FAQ.

1 Bug reports

If you find a technical problem in the Atlas, first look below to see if the bug is known. If not please let us know by:



Note that ADD-REF, while very good is not perfect: it will sometimes cut text from bibitems for example.

If you find a case where a reference is not as you would like it, please leave a report on the discussion page containing:

  • the MR or Zbl number,
  • a brief description of the problem,
  • your signature: end your report with ~~~~

2 Current bugs

Below is a list of bugs that we are working to fix:

  • User-defined commands defined via TeXInclude pages don't work with MathJax.
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