Stable classification of 4-manifolds

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1 Introduction

In this page we report about the stable classification of 4-manifolds.

2 Construction and examples

We begin with the construction of manifolds which give many stable diffeomorphism types of 4-manifolds:

  • S^4
  • S^2 \times S^2
  • \CP^2
  • K:= \{x \in \CP^3 | \sum x_i^4 =0\}, the Kummer surface.

Let P=<g_1, \dots , g_n| r_1,\dots,r_m> be the presentation of a group \pi. Then we build a 2-dimensional complex X(P) by taking a wedge of n circles and attaching a 2-cell via each relation r_i. Then we thicken X(P) to a smooth compact manifold with boundary W(P) in \mathbb R^5 and consider its boundary denoted by M(P). For details and why this is well defined see Thickenings. M(P) is a smooth 4-manifold with fundamental group \pi and we add it to our list

  • M(P)

3 Invariants


4 Classification/Characterization


5 Further discussion


6 References

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