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  • This page describes the proposed editorial process and guidelines in the Manifold Atlas.
  • If you have any comments, questions or criticisms, please write them on the discussion page.

1 The editorial process

  • After a page reaches maturity, the editorial board will organise for it to be reviewed by at least two members of the board.
  • When an evolving page is approved, a static, citable version of that page bearing a static editorial message is created which links back to the evolving page.
  • Evolving pages which have been approved by the editorial board bear an editorial message which links to the corresponding static version of the page.

2 Editorial guidelines

  • An article is called mature when it satisfies the criteria of correctness, completeness and clarity.
  • Correctness: the manifold Atlas is a reliable reference for research about manifolds. Therefore an essential criteria for an article is that all information in it is correct.
  • Completeness: since the Manifold Atlas is a reference source, articles on a given subject should not ignore important aspects of that subject. In particular, an mature article will thoroughly reference the relevant mathematical literature.
  • Clarity: it is important that information is readily and clearly available for readers. This is especially important for the invariants section of articles in the Manifolds chapter but holds for all parts of all pages.
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