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**[[Complex projective space]]
**[[Complex projective space]]
**[[Quaternionic projective space]]
**[[Quaternionic projective space]]
**[[The Cayley plane]] - there is a short [[Wikipedia:Cayley_plane|Wikipedia page]] and a great [|MathOverflow page]
**[[The Cayley plane]] - there is a short [[Wikipedia:Cayley_plane|Wikipedia page]] and a great [ MathOverflow page]
* [[Tori]] - there is a [[Wikipedia:Torus|Wikipedia page]]
* [[Tori]] - there is a [[Wikipedia:Torus|Wikipedia page]]
* [[Seifert fibre spaces]]
* [[Seifert fibre spaces]]

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Welcome to the Manifold Atlas Community Portal. Below you will find a list of planned pages on the Atlas - please feel free to get involved and start working on these pages or another page you would like to create.

Here are some pages you may like to visit:

  • Atlas diary for recent events as well as the history of the Atlas.
  • Atlas Observer lets you sign up for email up-dates about changes at the Atlas.
  • Workshops gives information about Atlas writing workshops.
  • Links for links to resources about manifolds on the Web.


1 Proposed pages

In the first phase of the creation of the Manifold Atlas, we are looking for a broad range of pages.

  • Below are lists of pages we would like to see on the Manifold Atlas.
  • Please feel free to start a page from one of the lists and to add to the discussion page.

1.1 Manifolds

1.2 Problems

1.3 Theory

1.4 History

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