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1 Welcome to the Manifold Atlas Project
sponsored by the Hausdorff Center for Mathematics

The Manifold Atlas is an evolving and scientifically citable online resource for researchers and students interested in manifolds. It contains four chapters.

  • Manifolds: pages about constructions of manifolds and the invariants and properties of these manifolds.
  • Problems: pages listing open questions about manifolds, their status and history.
  • Theory: pages summarising useful general facts and theories about manifolds.
  • History: pages about the history of the study of manifolds.

You will find the articles listed alphabetically by clicking each chapter heading.

A full text search is available: a quick version lies in the box to the left of screen.

Citable pages in the Atlas have been refereed and approved by the editorial board.

2 General information

3 Write in the Manifold Atlas

Author orientation gives information about writing in the atlas. User orientation gives information for registered users.

4 Register for the Manifold Atlas

Please register with a verified email address in order to write and discuss in the Manifold Atlas.

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