MATRIX 2019 Interactions: Questions

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This page lists the questions posed during the MATRIX 2019 Topology of Manifolds Workshop on the interactions between high and low dimensions.

Users are encouraged to work on researching, refining and even solving the questions.

Problems from the same meeting are listed here.

1 Research Questions

  1. Non-orientable quotients of the product of two 2-spheres by Z/4Z
  2. Concordance implies isotopy for smooth structures on 3-manifolds?
  3. Polytope invariant of a manifold
  4. Borel Conjecture for compact aspherical 4-manifolds
  5. Embedding homology 3-spheres in the 4-sphere
  6. Trisection genus

2 General Questions

  1. Prime decomposition theorem in high dimensions
  2. Homeomorphisms of balls
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