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|&lt;!-- The 10 --&gt; Recent changes:
== Welcome to the Manifold Atlas Project:&lt;br&gt;- a scientific Wiki  and&lt;br&gt;- an on-line journal, the [ Bulletin of the Manifold Atlas] ==
== New Feature: users can [[Manifold Atlas:Upload a text|upload complete texts as pdf files]] ==
The [[Manifold Atlas:About|Manifold Atlas]] has six chapters:

* '''[[:Category:Manifolds|Manifolds]]:''' with pages about '''constructions''' and '''examples''' of manifolds as well as their '''invariants''' and '''properties'''.
* '''[[:Category:Theory|Theory]]:''' with pages summarising useful '''general facts''' and '''theorems'''. 
* '''[[:Category:Definitions|Definitions]]:''' with pages  giving succinct and precise '''definitions''' of important concepts in the theory of manifolds. 
* '''[[:Category:Problems|Problems]]:''' with pages listing '''persistent and deep open problems''', their status and their history.
* '''[[:Category:History|History]]:''' with pages about the '''history''' of the study of manifolds.
&lt;!--* '''[[:Category:Questions|Questions]]:''' with pages containing '''questions''' and '''answers''' about any aspect of the study of manifolds.--&gt;
* '''[[:Category:Exercises|Exercises]]:''' with pages containing exercises about the study of manifolds.
&lt;!--  * '''[[:Category:Philosophy|Philosophy]]:''' with pages on the  philosophy of mathematics as it relates to manifolds. --&gt;

You will find the pages listed alphabetically by clicking each chapter.

[[Manifold  Atlas:Page evolution|Atlas pages]] offer a workspace for   collaboratively organising and creating knowledge about manifolds.

[[Manifold  Atlas:Editorial Policy#Editorial criteria|Mature pages]] are [[Manifold  Atlas: Editorial Policy|refereed]] by the [[Manifold Atlas:Editorial  Board|editorial board]]: if approved they are published in the  [ BoMA].

== General information ==
For    more information please follow these links: [[Manifold    Atlas:About|About the Atlas]] and the [[Manifold Atlas:Editorial  Board|Editorial Board]].

For   information about how to  contribute please follows these links:   [[Manifold Atlas:Writing in  the Atlas|Writing in the Atlas]] and [[Manifold   Atlas:Community  Portal|Community Portal]].

== Using the Manifold Atlas ==
The page [[Manifold Atlas:User orientation|User orientation]] gives information for registered users.  

The page [[Manifold Atlas:Author orientation|Author orientation]] gives information about writing in the Atlas. 
* [[Manifold Atlas:Upload a text|Upload a text]]
* [[Manifold Atlas:Create a new restricted-editing page|Create a new restricted-editing page]]
* [[Manifold Atlas:Create_a_new open-editing page|Create a new open-editing page]]
* [[Manifold Atlas:Writing groups#Open-editing pages|Add to or edit ]] existing open-editing articles
* [[Manifold Atlas:User orientation#Writing_on_discussion_pages|Join the discussion]] about a page
The '''[[Manifold Atlas:Community Portal|community portal]]''' is a general discussion forum.

You    can either '''[[Manifold Atlas:Create_a_new page|create a new   page]]'''  and '''discuss''' or '''modify''' all articles by clicking on    &lt;b&gt;'discussion'&lt;/b&gt; or &lt;b&gt;'edit'&lt;/b&gt; at the   top  of each page. Don't forget to [[Special:UserLogin|log in]]! 

The [[Manifold Atlas:Community Portal|Community Portal]] is a general discussion forum.

Read the [[Manifold Atlas:Author information|author information]] for important information about writing articles in the Manifold    Atlas.--&gt;

== Registering for the Manifold Atlas==
* If you wish to register for the Manifold Atlas, please send a short email with your name and affiliation to [ Diarmuid Crowley].
&lt;!--* Please '''[[Manifold Atlas:Registration|register]]''' with a verified email address in order to write and discuss in the Manifold Atlas.

* To sign up for email up-dates about changes at the Atlas visit the [[Manifold Atlas:The Atlas Observer|Atlas Observer]]. --&gt;</rev>