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      <ei pageid="188" ns="0" title="Complete intersections" />
      <ei pageid="199" ns="0" title="Exotic spheres" />
      <ei pageid="225" ns="0" title="B-Bordism" />
      <ei pageid="228" ns="0" title="Unoriented bordism" />
      <ei pageid="243" ns="0" title="Spin bordism" />
      <ei pageid="244" ns="0" title="KO-Characteristic classes" />
      <ei pageid="266" ns="0" title="Oriented bordism" />
      <ei pageid="279" ns="0" title="Framed bordism" />
      <ei pageid="293" ns="0" title="String bordism" />
      <ei pageid="358" ns="0" title="Parametric connected sum" />
    <embeddedin eicontinue="10|Stub|446" />