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M. Kreck, An extension of the results of Browder, Novikov and Wall about surgery on compact manifolds, preprint Mainz (1985).

[edit] 1 Comments

This manuscript was written in Mainz in 1985 and its main results were used by several researchers although it was not ever published. The main results appeared in [Kreck1999] where the following is written in the introduction (p. 710) (note that [Kr3] refers to the ``Mainz pre-print``, the other references also are from the bibliography of [Kreck1999]),

``Most of the results of this paper were obtained in the early eighties and were circulated as [Kr3]. A plan to write a monograph based on this preprint could not yet be realized. Since the theory was meanwhile used in several papers ([Be], [Da], [F-K], [F-K-V], [H-K1], [H-K2], [H-K3], [H-K4], [H-K-T], [K-L-T], [Kr4], [Kr-St1], [Kr-St2], [Kr-St3], [Kr-Tr], [Sto2], [Te], [Tr], [Wa]), I decided to publish the most important results in the present form.``

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