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An Atlas writing workshop is a sort of hackathon for topologists.

Over a period of usually two days, we introduce the Atlas to participants and then sit together to discuss manifolds and related topics and to write on the Atlas.

Below is a summary of the writing workshops from 2010 and 2011:


1 Münster June 2010

The first Atlas workshop was hosted by the topology group in Münster, June 07 & 08.


Pages worked on during the workshop:

2 Będlewo November 2010

The second Atlas writers workshop took place in Będlewo: the local organiser were Tadeusz Januszkiewicz and Krzysztof Pawałowski.


Pages worked on during and after the workshop:

3 Bonn December 2010

From December 13th - 15th, there was a focused meeting about aspects of the history of manifolds at the HIM.


Pages worked on during or following the meeting:

At the end of the meeting, Jeremy Gray joined the editorial board.

4 Bonn March & April 2011

4th Manifold Atlas writers workshop: Thursday March 31st and Friday April 1st at the HIM


Pages worked on during the workshop:

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