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The Workshop on the Topology of Manifolds: Interactions between High and Low Dimensions will take place at MATRIX in Creswick, Australia, from Monday January 7th - Friday January 18th 2019. The workshop has a second web page.

These pages assist with the scientific aspects of the organisation of the summer school (first week) and conference (second week) and specifically the creation of a problem list. Accounts at the Manifold Atlas are by invitation only (for security reasons). To create your Manifold Atlas account, please contact Diarmuid Crowley.

The exercises for the Summer School are listed on the following page:

The Manifold Atlas has a section for questions - both study questions and research questions:

The Manifold Atlas has a section devoted to open research problems:

Once you have researched your problem, you can create a problem page there naming and stating the problem, as well as summarising work to date on the problem.

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